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nutritional assesment

Are You On The Right Diet?

Nutritional Assessment in Annandale

Modern delivery services allow many patients to subsist on unhealthy processed items instead of whole foods packed with the nutrients they need. Investing in professional nutritional assessment is the best way to check your current diet and adjust it before serious problems develop.

Nutritional Assessment at Primary Health Center Chiropractic 

Although nutritional counseling is not typically a part of a patient’s treatment plan at a chiropractic office, it can be beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain. Aside from being able to eat healthy, good nutrition can also help people lose weight. In Virginia, Primary Health Center Chiropractic offers a variety of nutritional assessments and advice. 


Importance of Good Nutrition 

The body is a biological machine that needs the right fuel to run properly. It may also need nutrients at different times throughout its life to promote overall health. For instance, babies who are breastfed for six months or a year are more likely to be healthy. 

Getting enough calcium can help lower the risk of osteoporosis in older people. It also helps the body’s natural hormone production and repairs damaged cellular structures. 


Diet vs Proper Nutrition 

Most diets focus on restricting calories to lose weight. However, they may not be able to provide the nutrients that people need to maintain a healthy body. By improving your diet, you can still lose weight and keep it off. In addition to being able to eat healthy, good nutrition can also help people lose weight. 

Getting the nutrients your body needs is very important for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Unfortunately, there are no right diets for everyone. However, good nutrition can help people lose weight and keep it off. 


Benefits of Proper Nutrition 

Having the proper nutrition can help people build muscle and improve their bone and nervous system health. Besides being able to eat healthy, good nutrition can also help people lose weight. Some of the most important nutrients that people need are protein and carbohydrates. 

Having the proper nutrition can also help people maintain a healthy body. It can also help them build muscle and improve their health. In addition to being able to eat healthy, good nutrition can also help people lose weight. 


Chiropractor and Good Nutrition 

Unlike other medical practitioners, chiropractic doctors are highly trained in the proper use of nutritional supplements. They also learn how to identify nutritional deficiencies that can manifest themselves in symptoms such as pain. For instance, vitamin B6 is very important for the nervous system’s function. 


Contact Primary Health Center Chiropractic in Virginia 

If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact Primary Health Center Chiropractic to schedule an evaluation. We can help you improve your health and lose weight. Our office is open for extended hours. 


What Are The Signs Of Dietary Issues?

Patients eating the wrong foods on a daily basis can develop serious health problems if this imbalance continues for years. Some of the most common signs of an improper diet include:

Ongoing fatigue that keeps you from feeling rested
Constipation or reoccurring diarrhea
Blood sugar levels that fluctuate greatly throughout the day
Low grade aches and pains with no other cause
Lowered immune system leaving you susceptible to illnesses
Irritability, depression, and other mood issues
Obesity and excess weight
Dizziness, headaches, migraines, and brain fog
Daily heartburn with no other cause

Can Nutritional Assessment Help Me Lose Weight?

Most diets marketed towards overweight or obese individuals are based on cutting back to just a few foods, which quickly creates nutritional deficiencies in the body. Professional nutritional assessment takes your goals into account, whether you are trying to lose weight or increase muscle building as an athlete. It is much smarter to adjust your diet with testing and the help of a team of medical experts in the Annandale area rather than trying to guess the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins on your own. We can devise a diet that corrects nutrient imbalances, works around your chronic conditions and medications, and helps you reach your fitness goals. You can walk out of our office confident that you can eat better without depriving yourself of the occasional treat. Planning a visit with our team is easy because our Annandale location makes our office easy to access no matter where you live in the area.

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