Can Chiropractors Fix Neck Pain? 

The shoulders and neck are made up of a wide range of supporting structures and muscles. Various conditions can cause pain in these areas, such as degenerative conditions and poor posture. Some of the most common types of pain that people experience are soreness or tenderness in the shoulders and neck. 

Getting proper treatment for shoulder and neck pain can be very beneficial, as chiropractic care uses a combination of techniques and procedures to find the root cause of the issue. This type of therapy is usually performed through a hands-on approach. 


Causes of Neck Pain 

The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the spine, as it supports the weight of your head and allows the flow of nerve impulses to the other parts of your body. Neck and shoulder pain can occur due to poor posture and repetitive activities. Some of these include sitting at a desk all day, looking down at your phone, and sleeping in an awkward position. 

Other sports injuries such as a shoulder injury or a torn rotator cuff can also cause shoulder and neck pain. It’s common for people to injure their shoulders and neck while lifting weights or playing contact sports. Accidents, such as getting hit by a car, can additionally cause neck and shoulder pain. Joint problems such as arthritis and disc problems can additionally cause pain in the shoulders and neck. 


Spine-Related Neck Pain 

One of the most common causes of neck pain is a functional distortion in the spine, which is usually caused by a spinal misalignment. This type of issue can occur due to a variety of conditions, such as spinal instability and reverse cervical curves. 

The pain signals that come from the neck are mainly located in the joints that are located in the back of the spinal column. These joints allow you to bend and rotate your head. If these surfaces become fixated or locked, this can cause neck pain. 


How To Relieve Neck Pain 

A chiropractor can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for different conditions related to the shoulders and neck. He or she can also identify the source of the issue and the cause of the discomfort. 

  • Chiropractic adjustments 
  • Mobilization 
  • Soft tissue techniques such as massage and myofascial release 
  • Posture correction 
  • A specialized exercise program 
  • Lifestyle changes such as exercise and behavioral changes. 


Is Chiro Safe for neck pain? 

According to numerous studies, chiropractic is a safe, effective, and holistic form of alternative medicine that can treat neck pain. It focuses on the spinal system and its effects on the body’s internal organs and tissues. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it is customized to each patient. 

Numerous clinical trials also suggest that spinal manipulation can be safely and effectively used to treat chronic neck pain. It involves reducing the joint restrictions and misalignments that are causing the discomfort. 

A review of the literature revealed that chiropractic adjustments can provide significant relief from neck pain. The researchers found that after nine trials, those who had been treated with spinal manipulation experienced significant improvement. 

A study conducted by the researchers also revealed that chiropractic adjustments can provide significant relief from chronic neck pain. The findings of the study suggest that this type of treatment is safe and effective for treating neck pain. 


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