Chiropractic Care for Arthritis 

If you’re suffering from back pain or a stiff neck from arthritis, then you might want to consider getting help from a chiropractor. Although it’s common for them to perform spinal manipulation to improve mobility and pain, other benefits can also be achieved by improving the relationship between the nervous system and the spine. For instance, by using varying forces to realign joints, a chiropractor can help improve the function of the body’s organs and systems. 


What should you Expect From a Chiropractor?

Although chiropractic care isn’t always as effective as drugs, it can still help you get the edge off those painful joints. Most of the techniques that a chiropractor uses are gentler than those used in the past. In addition to spinal manipulation, they can also manually adjust the muscles, joints, and bones. 

Although spinal manipulation can help an athlete with lower back pain, it can also be helpful for people with arthritis. During a visit to a chiropractor, they can gently manipulate the soft tissues of your body to relieve pain and improve mobility. They can additionally use exercise or traction to stretch and lengthen your joints. 

According to Robert Hayden, a PhD, a chiropractor, the relationship between the structure and function of the body is the main focus of his or her practice. Unlike an osteopath, who uses manual techniques, a chiropractor focuses on the whole body. 

During your first visit to a chiropractor, they’ll need to collect information about you and your condition to determine the appropriate treatment method. They’ll also perform a physical exam to check the joint alignment. 


Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe For Arthritis? 

Although spinal manipulation is generally considered to be safe for people with osteoarthritis, it’s not for everyone. For instance, if you have inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, you might want to avoid using it. 

If you have active inflammation or a fused spine, then you shouldn’t be receiving treatment from a chiropractor.  

However, Hayden noted that there are other ways to treat inflamed joints. For instance, chiropractic can provide various therapies that can help. 

Electrotherapy, which involves the use of electric devices, is another non-invasive treatment that can help with soft tissue injuries. 

Cold laser therapy is another non-invasive technique that can be helpful for people with arthritis. It uses a low-level laser or light to penetrate the tissue and reduce inflammation. 

In addition to laser therapy, infrared saunas can also help people with arthritis by heating up the joints to relieve pain and improve circulation. 


What Most Medical Doctors Think of Chiro? 

Although chiropractic has been criticized by doctors, it’s now considered a first-line treatment for low back pain. In 2017, the American College of Physicians updated its guidelines and suggested using other non-pharmacologic therapies, such as acupuncture and chiropractic, before taking medication. 

A growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of chiropractic has been presented in mainstream medical journals. For instance, a 2017 review of the journal JMA found that spinal manipulation can reduce lower back pain. A study conducted in 2013 revealed that combining 12 chiropractic treatments with patient education sessions twice a week significantly improved the effectiveness of hip osteoarthritis. 

Another study conducted at a hospital in Massachusetts revealed that a program led by a chiropractor can reduce pain in patients with bad backs. 

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