Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Virginia 

When the median nerve in your wrist gets compressed, it can lead to a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. This usually occurs due to a medical condition that’s hidden. It can be very painful and can require expensive treatment. 

There are other ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. For those residing in Virginia who are suffering from this condition, chiropractic treatment can be a more effective alternative.  



Some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include burning and pain in the palm of the hand and moving toward the tips of the fingers. Although swelling can sometimes be present, patients often believe that it’s not happening. This condition can also lead to weakness in the hand and difficulty handling small objects. 

Due to the presence of this condition, regular activities can be affected by it, such as daily routines of people. People with carpal tunnel syndrome must get treatment. 


Causes of Carpal Tunnel 

The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the lack of proper alignment of the bones and tissues in the hand. This condition usually occurs when a wrist injury causes the bones and tissues to get compressed. 

Individuals who perform repetitive tasks such as working with heavy equipment or carrying out repetitive tasks are more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Individuals who are pregnant or obese are also more prone to developing this condition. 

Another common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is spinal nerve irritation. This condition usually occurs when the nerve in the wrist gets compressed. 


How is Carpal Tunnel Treated in Primary Health Center Chiropractic?

Today, treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome usually involves undergoing surgery or using prescribed medication to release the built-up pressure. However, these procedures are usually unsuccessful in curing the issue. Instead, people with this condition must adopt a more systematic approach to their daily routines. This method will help them avoid experiencing further pain and weakness. 

Chiropractic treatment from Primary Health Center Chiropractic can be an effective alternative to surgery. This type of treatment aims to identify the cause of the issue. Many people who have been treated with this type of care have experienced a reduction in their symptoms. 

After a comprehensive evaluation, the chiropractor at Primary Health Center Chiropractic will develop a personalized treatment plan that will help ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. He or she will also realign the nerves in the wrist and allow the patient to perform their daily activities pain-free. 

When to See a Chiropractor for your Carpal Tunnel?

Although the methods are usually unsuccessful, a chiropractor can still provide effective treatment. During a comprehensive evaluation, the chiropractor will look into the hands, shoulders, neck, and arms to determine if the symptoms are related to an underlying condition. 

Aside from looking into the spinal health of the patient, a chiropractor also reviews their daily routines to determine if they’re contributing to their condition. This method aims to help patients avoid experiencing further pain and weakness. 

After an initial assessment, the chiropractor will recommend therapy that may include: 

The treatment plan for carpal tunnel includes resting the affected hand and wrist, strengthening exercises, and soft-tissue mobilization techniques. Other non-invasive procedures such as yoga can also be used to relieve the swelling. 

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, contact Primary Health Center Chiropractic right away. He or she can provide a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you. 

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