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An injection is a type of therapy that uses chemicals to treat inflammation. It can help relieve pain that’s caused by arthritis and other conditions that affect the nerves. It can also reduce swelling and improve the appearance of the joint. The injection is performed by a needle that’s designed to penetrate the joint or nerve. 

Soft tissue can also be treated with this type of therapy. At Primary Health Center Chiropractic, we’re dedicated to helping our patients find the best treatment options for their conditions. 


How do anti-inflammatory and joint injections work? 

Joint injections are designed to treat inflammation and pain by delivering the medication directly to the source of it. They can then be used to immediately stop it from happening. The injection is delivered through a small needle that’s designed to penetrate the joint or nerve. 


What to expect? 

Steroid injections can provide instant pain relief by delivering the medication directly to the area where it’s injected. They can be used to treat various conditions such as arthritis and inflammation. 

The various types of joints that are injected include the spine, the epidural space, and the peripheral joints. Soft tissues are also treated with these types of injections. 

With steroid injections, patients can get rid of chronic pain and regain their mobility and range of motion. Various conditions that can be treated with this type of therapy include back pain, neck pain, and headaches. In addition to these, other conditions such as arthritis and nerve inflammation can also be treated with this injection. 


Effects of Joint Injections 

The effects of joint injections are different depending on the dose that’s being given. At Primary Health Center Chiropractic, our team members will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your condition. Most patients who have been injected will experience some relief within 4-6 hours. 

After the injection, some of the symptoms may return, and they can even be more intense. The most common side effects of steroids are soreness and swelling, which can last for up to 10 days. It’s sometimes recommended to follow up with a second injection to achieve better pain relief. 

After a certain period, our team members will evaluate other possible causes of your pain. They might also perform further evaluation and treatment. 


Advantages of Anti-Inflammatory Injections 

Before you undergo anti-inflammatory injections, our team members will talk to you about your medical history and current condition. They will then determine if this treatment is right for you. Some of the side effects of this treatment include swelling and soreness. 

One of the most effective ways to prevent knee arthritis from developing is by adding a lubricant or substance to the joint. This can help decrease the inflammation and improve its appearance. 

One injection can last for weeks or even days, and it can provide long-lasting results. Compared to surgical procedures, spinal injections can be performed on patients who are not responding well to other painkillers. They can also help patients regain their range of motion. 

One of the most important advantages of spinal injections is their fast-acting results. Unlike other procedures, they don’t require a visit to the office to achieve their results. 

Before the procedure, you must stop taking blood thinners to ensure that the safety and results of the injection are as good as they can be. In addition, it’s also important that you bring all of your medical records with you, such as scans and CT scans. 


Side Effects 

Although steroids are commonly used to treat various conditions, they can also introduce side effects that your body has not yet tried. Some of these include flu-like symptoms, generalized swelling, headaches, anxiety, facial redness, and hiccups. In addition, some people might experience other side effects such as insomnia and frequent low-grade fevers. 

Some people who receive an anti-inflammatory injection may experience a combination of these side effects. These side effects are usually gone within a few days. If your symptoms last for more than a week, contact our office. Although there is a small chance of infection, the skin can be thoroughly cleaned with an antiseptic solution. 


Joint Infection Treatment in Virginia 

At Primary Health Center Chiropractic, our team of experienced practitioners uses joint injections to treat various conditions. If you’re looking for a Virginia chiropractor who can provide effective and efficient treatment for your lower back pain, contact us today.