Chronic Pain

We can help you start your road to recovery

The wear and tear of daily life can leave you sore at the end of a big day. However, that pain should quickly disappear when you take enough time for relaxation and self care. Many patients are so busy with family life and work that they don’t even notice they have to keep popping over the counter pain killers all day to feel comfortable. When you do realize you’re being plagued with a low or moderate level of chronic pain, find effective solutions in our Annandale clinic.

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain is a normal and natural reaction that helps warn you when an injury or illness is threatening your health. The irritation of a bee sting or scraped knee is acute pain. This symptom becomes chronic when it occurs daily or nearly daily for weeks on end. Once your pain remains constant or episodic over months, there is definitely a serious problem. Don’t wait to seek treatment at our Annandale office when experiencing chronic pain. You could be dealing with a condition that needs immediate treatment.

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